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Alpha Textbooks proudly carries Popular Book Company’s notable workbook series, including Complete Canadian Curriculum, Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart, Complete MathSmart, Complete EnglishSmart, and Complete FrenchSmart. Click on the product below for additional information.

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Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart Series

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Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart K-1

Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart 1-2

Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart 2-3

Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart 3-4

Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart 4-5

Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart 5-6



Keeping your child’s mind active over the summer is important to long-term success at school.

According to extensive research by Harris Cooper of Duke University, students can lose up to a month’s worth of learning over the course of their summer break. For this reason, Popular developed their Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart series, which covers grades K-1 to 5-6, to keep kids’ minds active during the summer break and offset the ‘summer slide.’

The series is designed to give students an all-encompassing review of their previous academic year, while preparing them for the grade ahead. The workbooks contain eight weeks of age appropriate activities that reinforce the academic concepts and skills learned in school.    

The books cover all of the essential subjects like English, math, science, and social studies. They also come with engaging arts and crafts activities, as well as comics for leisure reading.  

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Complete Canadian Curriculum

Popular’s bestselling Complete Canadian Curriculum covers all the key subjects. This line, which is highly recommended by parents and educators, encourages students to reinforce everything they’re learning in the classroom with fun, engaging activities.

Complete Canadian Curriculum 1

Complete Canadian Curriculum 2

Complete Canadian Curriculum 3

Complete Canadian Curriculum 4

Complete Canadian Curriculum 5

Complete Canadian Curriculum 6

Complete Canadian Curriculum 7

Complete Canadian Curriculum 8

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Complete MathSmart

The Complete MathSmart series offers a whole year’s worth of practice to ensure that students build a strong conceptual foundation in math. Complete MathSmart features many interesting activities that help students better understand concepts and develop the necessary skills for solving math problems in real-life situations.

Complete MathSmart 1

Complete MathSmart 2

Complete MathSmart 3

Complete MathSmart 4

Complete MathSmart 5

Complete MathSmart 6

Complete MathSmart 7

Complete MathSmart 8

Complete MathSmart 9


Complete EnglishSmart

The Complete EnglishSmart series provides great practice for students to develop and improve their English speaking and writing skills. This line supports students’ learning by helping them with their reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, word usage, and writing.

Complete EnglishSmart 1

Complete EnglishSmart 2

Complete EnglishSmart 3

Complete EnglishSmart 4

Complete EnglishSmart 5

Complete EnglishSmart 6

Complete EnglishSmart 7

Complete EnglishSmart 8


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Complete FrenchSmart

Popular’s Complete FrenchSmart series offers an innovative approach to learning and mastering French. This series helps students with their vocabulary, grammar, reading, and usage. Other features of the series include a conjugation book for easy reference, and an English translation guide to help both students and parents.

Complete FrenchSmart 4

Complete FrenchSmart 5

Complete FrenchSmart 6

Complete FrenchSmart 7


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